Christmas In Branson

Brenda & Charles Chodrick - Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas!!   I hope everyone is safely on the Nice List this year and looking forward to spending a wonderful season with family and friends.   Ozark Mountain Christmas season is a super busy time in Branson and at our cabins.   

We love hearing about all your family groups as they gather to enjoy making special memories together in our cabins.    It is nearly impossible to get all our family together for a holiday and this Christmas we will be missing Jarrod, Kinsey, Eli, and Lily.  We got to enjoy time with them at Thanksgiving.   Jarrod is a Captain on the fire department in Houston TX and, as many of you know,   holidays are just another day in those type professions.    We will be seeing Mandy, Gavin, and Lexy at Christmas.   We missed them at Thanksgiving.       Every Sunday after Church is a “holiday” at our house, and love it when all our local kids and grandkids gather at our table.     In 2011 and 2012, our son Josh, was deployed to the middle east.    While he was gone, we put a picture of him and request for prayer in our cabins.   We were overwhelmed at the response of our cabin friends telling us they were praying for him.    Thankfully, he returned home safely.      Recently, he learned he will be deploying again.  We will see him for a few days at Christmas, then he is off on a peacekeeping mission to eastern Europe.     Prayers for him, his fellow soldiers, and their families are much appreciated.    His little Wyatt (2 ½ years old) will miss him terribly! 

The last several years we have met friends in Branson and spent a grandparent day (with no grandkids!) at Silver Dollar City.   (Yes, Cora—grandparents CAN have fun there!)     We were there a week or so ago and had a wonderful day!   The 5 million lights at Silver Dollar City are truly magical!    We always love it!    The play “The Christmas Carol” at the Opera house was splendid, as usual.   We never tire of seeing it!    The Living Nativity is an amazing portrayal of the Christmas story.   It is only about 20 min long- but it is one presentation that we never miss!   The whole day was fantastic and we loved adding it to our gallery of special memories.   

It had been many years since we experienced The Trail of Lights at Shepherd of the Hills, so this year we decided to check it out.    We always thought was a bit pricey since they charge per person instead of per car but – oh my goodness—it was a spectacular display of lights, animated figures, themed displays, and on and on!   It is 2 ½ miles long and driving at about 2 miles per hour it takes a while.   Then at the end of the drive, you also get to go up in the Inspiration Tower.   At 230 feet high, (the second highest point in MO)  it could be an amazing view- if it wasn’t so dark. Ha  It was still a nice ending to a very enjoyable drive.   

Our friend, Brenda Taylor, stayed with us at our Little Creek Cabin home on this trip.     Besides keeping the cabins from being jealous of each other (ha), we try to stay in each one to catch maintenance needs, etc.    Staying on top of each one is always a chore but we do try our best.    

Our next trip will be our usual extended winter trip.   It is always a busy busy time for us as we upgrade, repair, restock, put away Christmas, trim bushes, etc etc.    

If you are planning a summer trip, give us a call so we can get you reserved.   Some of the summer dates are already booked especially in the bigger cabins.  

  The cabins are open for guests all winter (we do our projects around your reservations)  and it can be a wonderful time to get away with friends or just as a couple.    Sit around the fire, drink hot chocolate, read a book, visit with each other, enjoy the hot tub--   Sounds amazing!   Life can get so crazy—take a few days and relax at one of the cabins!  

Again, from our family to yours—we wish you a Merry Christmas and the very best New Year!

Brenda and Charles

Return From our Cruise

Brenda & Charles Chodrick - Monday, April 25, 2016
Charles and I are finally back home to Oklahoma from our travels.   We had a great time spending time with our family in Texas and we also did an impulsive thing and jumped on a last minute cruise leaving out of the Port of Houston.     We love cruising about as much as we love our Branson cabins.     We had great adventures in the Caribbean!   All too soon, we had to return to real life.    Our daughter, Jennifer,  did a wonderful job of managing the cabin business while we were gone.   Many of you had an opportunity to visit with her.     While we totally love the cabins and Branson, it does get a bit overwhelming at times and a short time away is refreshing for us.

We have jumped right back into taking calls and emails and helping you all plan your summer and fall vacations.   We're hosting some big groups for some family reunions and other events this summer and it has been great fun getting to know your families- even if it is long distance.    Branson is such a great place for families to meet.  It is centrally located and there are tons of activities for all interests.    Of course, the best part is being able to spend time together in the cabins.    With the 4 bedroom and 3 bedroom cabins being close together-- it is awesome to walk over to the the other home and then return to your own space.     A few years ago when our grandson, Eli, was about 4, we had a bit of a reunion at our Wilderness Retreat Cabin and Deer Run Cabin.  (There are 2 cabins between them- not a long distance-- but he was 4 years old.)   He decided to launch out alone and  "visit" at the other cabin.     Hmmm not the best plan.   He was fine but  decided he needed to check in with his parents first before going "visiting".   

In about 2 weeks, we are planning a trip to Branson and will stay at our Deer Run cabin.    With 14 grandkids, we have learned that traveling with them in small groups in much more pleasant for the old grandparents.    So, we are taking our 2- 10 year old boys-- Alec and Xavier-- on an adventure to Branson!   We plan to visit Silver Dollar City (of course. ha), maybe Shepherd of the Hills,  maybe the new Moses show at the Sight and Sound Theater.    They have never stayed in the Deer Run Cabin before -- but they wanted to be sure it had a hot tub like the other one.   It does!    We're looking forward to it!    When Paxton, our 6 year old, found out the big boys were going to the cabins-- he felt a bit left out.    I told him that his trip would be coming soon.      

Of course, we have to mix in a bit of work with our fun, so we are changing out the living room furniture in Deer Run.    Log Cabin Furniture in Harrison Arkansas is a great place to shop!    

April and early May are well kept secrets in Branson and if you can work it in at all-- you should plan a trip to Branson and our cabins.   The crowds are smaller and the spring weather is great!    Ridgedale and Branson are gearing up for the big Legends of Golf Tournament held at Top of the Rock.    It has been a huge event the last few years and this year looks to be the same.    Big Cedar Lodge hosts many of the participants but our Branson Cedars cabins are only about 5 minutes away-- very convenient to the Top of the Rock and Big Cedar Lodge.    We have some open days in the cabins  during the tournament and the rest of the month.  We are just waiting for you!!   So come on over "sit a spell" and just enjoy the peacefulness in the Missouri Ozarks.        

Bless you,

Hello Cabin Friends

Brenda & Charles Chodrick - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Welcome to our new website!    If you are one of our faithful cabin friends,  we hope you enjoy all the new  pictures and information about our “family of cabins.”  If you are new to us, WELCOME.    We’re happy you stopped to check us out and truly hope you find an amazing cabin to meet your family’s vacation needs.     This new site has been quite an undertaking.   Mark Nichols did an amazing job of building it for us (even though I don’t know what he is talking about most of the time.  He speaks computer-ese very well and we are old and don’t know that language. )   Katie Byrd, our daughter-in-law, took some awesome new pictures.    We love the new, updated look—hope you do too.

I trust everyone is enjoying this amazing spring!    I love it when the trees bud out and new life is everywhere.     Charles and I spent most of January and February in Branson working at the cabins.   Most of the winter weather was pretty amazing too!    We “lived” at our newest cabin, Little Creek, so we could get acquainted with it- and we pretty much fell in love with it as we love all the others.    Stonebridge is an amazing resort!  We can’t wait for summer to start enjoying all the summer amenities there.     Notch and Branson Cedars Resorts are both wonderful and have many great features as well.       We accomplished many, many projects that were needing done at all the cabins.   Among other things, we stocked supplies, trimmed bushes,  made numerous, numerous repairs, and had two biggies done—replaced the great room floor in Cabin Dreams and built a stairway off the front porch in Little Creek.    Whew!  We worked really hard but did find some time to visit with some of our winter guests (we always love it when we actually get to meet you!)  and we saw a few of the shows that stayed open through the winter.     We really enjoyed the Grand Jubilee at the 76 Music Theater! 


Spring break is always a popular time at the cabins and this year is certainly no different.   We have hosted some new guests and a few repeat friends.    While our guests are enjoying the cabins and fun activities in Branson, Charles and I traveled to Texas to spend spring break with our children and grandkids here.    Today we visited the Battleship Texas and the San Jacinto Monument and Museum.   It has been great fun to spend some time Gavin, Lexy, Eli, and Lily.  

We’re looking forward to a great summer and hope if you haven’t visited one of our cabins that you will make plans to do so soon.    Branson is such a fun area!   There is something for nearly everyone.  We would love to see ya’ll there.   


Charles and Brenda