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Brenda & Charles Chodrick - Monday, April 25, 2016
Charles and I are finally back home to Oklahoma from our travels.   We had a great time spending time with our family in Texas and we also did an impulsive thing and jumped on a last minute cruise leaving out of the Port of Houston.     We love cruising about as much as we love our Branson cabins.     We had great adventures in the Caribbean!   All too soon, we had to return to real life.    Our daughter, Jennifer,  did a wonderful job of managing the cabin business while we were gone.   Many of you had an opportunity to visit with her.     While we totally love the cabins and Branson, it does get a bit overwhelming at times and a short time away is refreshing for us.

We have jumped right back into taking calls and emails and helping you all plan your summer and fall vacations.   We're hosting some big groups for some family reunions and other events this summer and it has been great fun getting to know your families- even if it is long distance.    Branson is such a great place for families to meet.  It is centrally located and there are tons of activities for all interests.    Of course, the best part is being able to spend time together in the cabins.    With the 4 bedroom and 3 bedroom cabins being close together-- it is awesome to walk over to the the other home and then return to your own space.     A few years ago when our grandson, Eli, was about 4, we had a bit of a reunion at our Wilderness Retreat Cabin and Deer Run Cabin.  (There are 2 cabins between them- not a long distance-- but he was 4 years old.)   He decided to launch out alone and  "visit" at the other cabin.     Hmmm not the best plan.   He was fine but  decided he needed to check in with his parents first before going "visiting".   

In about 2 weeks, we are planning a trip to Branson and will stay at our Deer Run cabin.    With 14 grandkids, we have learned that traveling with them in small groups in much more pleasant for the old grandparents.    So, we are taking our 2- 10 year old boys-- Alec and Xavier-- on an adventure to Branson!   We plan to visit Silver Dollar City (of course. ha), maybe Shepherd of the Hills,  maybe the new Moses show at the Sight and Sound Theater.    They have never stayed in the Deer Run Cabin before -- but they wanted to be sure it had a hot tub like the other one.   It does!    We're looking forward to it!    When Paxton, our 6 year old, found out the big boys were going to the cabins-- he felt a bit left out.    I told him that his trip would be coming soon.      

Of course, we have to mix in a bit of work with our fun, so we are changing out the living room furniture in Deer Run.    Log Cabin Furniture in Harrison Arkansas is a great place to shop!    

April and early May are well kept secrets in Branson and if you can work it in at all-- you should plan a trip to Branson and our cabins.   The crowds are smaller and the spring weather is great!    Ridgedale and Branson are gearing up for the big Legends of Golf Tournament held at Top of the Rock.    It has been a huge event the last few years and this year looks to be the same.    Big Cedar Lodge hosts many of the participants but our Branson Cedars cabins are only about 5 minutes away-- very convenient to the Top of the Rock and Big Cedar Lodge.    We have some open days in the cabins  during the tournament and the rest of the month.  We are just waiting for you!!   So come on over "sit a spell" and just enjoy the peacefulness in the Missouri Ozarks.        

Bless you,
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